Throughout the year, Lighthouse hosts and
participates in numerous fellowships and activities to
grow in our relationships with Christ and build
friendships with fellow Christians.
Annual Events

Big Bus Day
Country Fair
Couples Conference
Friend Day

Harvest Sunday

Heart & Soul Festival
Labor Day Picnic
Ladies Banquet
Memorial Day Picnic
Men and Boys Camp-Out
Missions Conference
Round-Up Sunday
Sweetheart Banquet
Youth Ablaze
In addition to the annual events, the Lighthouse
family has fellowships for different age groups and
populations within our church family to meet and
connect on common issues.

On Going Events

College and Career Series
Couples Fellowships
Game Room Nights
Singles Fellowships
Teen Fellowships
    Lighthouse Baptist Church
    701 Kossuth Avenue
    Utica, NY 13501
    Paul Bannister II, Pastor
The church that plays together and
prays together!
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Children's Bus Info
Lighthouse Baptist Church, Utica, NY
  New in 2013! Topical Bible Study Classes

    Testament and Truth     Pastor Paul Bannister II
    In this course, foundational Bible doctrines and truths will be explored. This course will
    help new or long-standing Christians to be able to Biblically explain such doctrines as
    salvation, role of the Holy Spirit, eternal security, the Godhead and more.

    Bible Prophecy     Associate Pastor Jake Jordan
    For those who have wondered about the symbolism and prophecy of the Books of the
    Revelation, Daniel, Matthew and others, this class will provide new information on
    Biblical typology, examine conflicting teaching regarding particular prophecies as well
    as sharpen the awareness of those who already have some understanding of Biblical

 Coming Soon! Creation versus Evolution     Deacon Dennis Osborne
            This class will expose the problems with evolutionary theory both from a Biblical
            perspective as well as from other evolutionists and will equip members with
            scientifically-supported evidence for the Biblical account of creation.

    We invite you to join us on Wednesday nights at 7:00PM!
We'd love to have you visit us soon!

Sunday School Classes for all ages!
Primary Class
Junior Class
Teen Class
Abundant Life Class (Adults)
Single Ladies Class (1st Sunday)

Other Activities
Sunday School End-of-the-Month Club (Monthly social activity)
Pee-Wee Pirates Wednesday Class and Activities
Single Ladies Outings (Craft shows, lunches, community
outreach, sports)
Couples Events (Dinners, fellowships, conferences)
Men's Fellowships (Camp-out, BBQs, sporting events)
Teen Activities (Golfing, youth rallies, game nights, basketball)
Church-wide picnics, weekly outreach, service activities and

There's so much to do and Sunday morning is just the

We're more than just
for Sunday worship!
Come to learn, grow and
make new friends!