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“…Suffer the little children to come unto me,
and forbid them not: for of such is the kingdom
of God.”
Mark 10:14 KJV
Bus Information for Parents

    The Lighthouse Kids’ Bus is driven by a certified driver and is supervised by two adults.

    To ride the bus, children must be of school-age and you should provide contact information in
    case of emergency.

    Kids are expected to treat each other, the staff and the bus respectfully.

    Kids receive a snack on the bus each week. Other goodies and give-a-ways are regularly a part
    of the fun!  So, please let us know if your kids have any food restrictions or allergies.

    A Kids’ Bus member will walk your child to the bus to board them and help them to find a seat.

    Because the number of children, weather, and traffic affect the Sunday morning bus route, we
    can’t give an exact pick-up time.  

    Kids are picked-up typically between 9:15-10:30am and dropped off between 12:30-1:15pm.

    You are always welcome to call with questions!  Reach us at 315/732-2091
    or                                                             .
    Lighthouse Baptist Church
    701 Kossuth Avenue
    Utica, NY 13501
    Paul Bannister II, Pastor
"Set Your Affections on Things Above..."
Col 3:2 KJV        
Spreading the message of Christ in Utica and the Valley since 1996
Lighthouse Baptist Church, Utica, NY
Do you constantly speak of yourself in the 3rd person:
"Did you hear? Mommy said no!"
Do you find yourself using Dr. Seuss sentences?
"Do not put that in the chair!" Do not spill that anywhere!"
Do you speak in nonsense words?
"Oh wooky-wooky at the cutesie-wootsie widdle baby-waby!"

This may be a sign that you and your kids need a break from each other!


Lighthouse offers nursery care for all of its services.
Lighthouse has Sunday School classes for children of all ages.
Lighthouse has a special Wednesday program for your little Pee-Wees ages 4-10!

This allows Mom and Dad to relax and fellowship with other grown-ups while the kids
are in a fun, safe environment getting positive instruction that will help you as a parent.

Instead of the kids asking you "Why?" after everything you say,  you can ask Pastor,
"Why?" after everything he says!  :)
An apple a day keeps
the doctor away, but
a string seems to
keep the apple away!